Early Medieval Enclosures

The excavation of a series of early medieval enclosures in Grange Castle, County Dublin, began in May 2014 and was completed in February 2016. It comprised two concentric enclosures with a substantial D shaped enclosure attached to them, and another linked smaller enclosure. Within the D shaped enclosure the skeletal remains of two humans buried on top of one another were uncovered, dated to the 8th to 10th centuries. A substantial animal bone assemblage from the ditch fills included several animal skulls, one of which was deposited with a human femur raising the possibilty of pre-Christian religious practices surviving well into the early medieval period. A range of other sites including burnt mounds, a Bronze Age circular structure and a possible Neolithic structure were also excavated within the development.  All the findings are now being analysed and the final reports will be published next year. 


Below a picture of the annex and penannular enclosure.