5 Harcourt Street

5 Harcourt Street

5 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

Reliqua carried out monitoring and the subsequent excavation of this site which is outside the known medieval settlement of the city. The site remained void until at least the late 19th century despite the development of its environs.

The void is probably explained by the existence of  an U shaped ditch uncovered during the excavations. The municipal boundary separating the boundaries of the city, and St Peter's parish, from the outlying Liberties of Saint Sepulchre appears to have run across the site, and the ditch is likely to reflect the boundary.The U shaped ditch ran across the entire site for 13.5 metres and was filled initially with natural subsidence and then by a grey black silty clay. The primary fill included a sherd of mid 17th century pottery. 

Barrell Vaults

An additional unexpected finding was opening of three barrell vaults extending from the edge of the property under Harcourt Street, on which the LUAS tramline runs.